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At Jeffrey A. Rogers Executive Business Coaching we value P to the Fourth: Purpose, Priority, Pride and Passion. We attack all we do with focused Purpose. We elevate what we do as Priority. We take great Pride in all we do. Finally, we execute with Passion.

Jeffrey A. Rogers Executive Business Coaching exits to provide value based proven systems for maximum effectiveness……. resulting in clarity, strategy, action and accountability for business owners and managers.

We have a passion for Coaching and Training

  • Mission, Vision, Values
    We intend to improve the way in which business owners and managers address daily tasks.

  • Why Coaching?
    Business coaches help business owners (or business leaders) in business effectiveness and personal effectiveness.

  • Is coaching right for me
    Drive Hard, Work Hard, Play Hard, Finish Well

What is your strategic Plan?

To simplify, a Simple Strategic Plan is YOUR roadmap for success. The question is: Are you using a GPS or are you driving the back roads? A thoughtful Strategic Plan ensures your direction, and running a business without one leads to unnecessary struggle. So what is your strategic plan for 2015 ? Here are a few thoughts for a simple Strategic Plan.

What We Offer

Purpose, Priority, Pride and Passion in all we do everyday!

What they’re saying!

"Asked for a conservative estimate of the monetary payoff from the coaching they got, these managers described an average return of more
than $100,000, or about six times what the coaching had cost their companies."

Fortune Magazine, 02/19/01

“I thought I knew a lot about business until I joined Jeff Rogers Mastermind, it’s refreshing and exciting to be surrounded by other local CEO’s that are facing the same challenges as my business, but what I love the most is walking away with the answers to my questions and the tools to improve our corporation!”

Chris D.

“I used to think business was all about the balance sheets and profit and loss statements, turns out none of those matter if your team doesn’t buy in to your company culture, values and beliefs. Without your team, you eventually have no balance sheets and profit and loss statements!”


“After my 3rd mastermind class session, Jeff Rogers made two business connections for my company that has paid for entire mastermind and 4 more, THANKS JEFF!”


“It’s amazing what can happen when you join a local business mastermind group with 10 other brave CEO’s, magic is made!”


“ I found areas where I can improve, and new ideas for systems and closing!”


“ I enjoyed the training. Been to a lot of classes, by far one of the Top 3!”

Michael R.

“Seminar was very informative for me and my staff, I recommend bringing ALL sales staff!”

Rick B.

“ I thoroughly enjoyed the 8hr. Sales Accelerator Program. It went through every step of the sales Process and gave me the
confidence in myself I needed!”

Sara P.


Lars B.

“A fresh outlook on how to use/adapt new tools to a new role in a new company to become successful”

Ben C.

“Look to my strengths for confidence, look at my weaknesses for motivation”

Tim C..

“How to maximize sales and get customers to believe in my company.”

Maggie T.

“Great information, easy to understand, great speaker!”

Julie J.

“How to start selling!”

Aaron F.

“That I’m not alone in my fears or concerns. Great information that I can use and bring back to my company!”

Jim B.

“How to make myself accountable with the Friday Worksheet!” Unknown “Tools and techniques to implement DiSC. Upsell,
cross sell options and gain referrals.”

Bob S.

“No one has ever asked me my WHY, It really helped to set the tone and open my eyes to new ideas and techniques.
Learning DiSC was an eye opener.”


“In the world of Information Technology support, the difference between one organization and another organization is the leadership skills
of the people performing the support. Certainly there are very experienced technicians and not so experienced technicians. However, I would argue that people
can be taught technical skills. The organization that best manages resources and customers wins. To help us with our leadership skills we solicited the talents
of Jeff Rogers. In one half-day session with Jeff we learned more about ourselves and our organization then we have learned in years. We now understand how we
react to situations and stressors, and having that knowledge allows us to better respond to the needs of our customers. In addition, we communicate significantly better,
which allows us to better manage our customers and leverage the strengths of our organization. We are better because of Jeff’s coaching and look forward to our next session with great anticipation. ”

Joe S.

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