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About Jeffrey A. Rogers:

Jeffrey Rogers is a father of four adult children in a blended family and married to Patricia Rogers. Together they reside in Syracuse New York. Jeff is a graduate of LeMoyne College with a B.S. in Marketing. Founding a green services company while a sophomore in college Jeff developed the enterprise into an area industry leader in the green industry employing 50+ team members adding significant local financial impact to the community.

Developing skills in Sales and Sales Training Program Development, Branding, Marketing and Advertising, Leadership Team Development (8-27 year team members on Exec. Team), Systems and Procedural Manuals, Business Financial Management, Human Resource and Staff Development Functions and Customer Service and Development Initiatives are among strengths Jeff Rogers now shares with business leaders. Working with successful entrepreneurs, business leaders and management teams to develop clarity of purpose and maximize results using proven strategies and tactics while providing improved structure and accountability is of priority to Mr. Rogers. Strategic/Sales and Marketing Plan Development and Training, Emerging Leadership and Executive Development Programing, Business Systems Development, Personal Effectiveness Strategies and ongoing support through Coaching, Exit and Succession Planning Preparation and DiSC Behavioral Analysis is where Mr. Rogers’ passion thrives.

Certified as a Professional Business Coach himself, Jeff now instructs new business coach candidates through the Professional Business Coaches Alliance. Responsibilities include ongoing program development and training for international membership.

As an Adjunct Professor of Practice at Syracuse University Whitman School of Management, Entrepreneurship and Emerging Enterprise, Jeff instructs Introduction to Entrepreneurship. Jeff works with students to develop personal awareness and establish a foundation in entrepreneurship moving forward in life.

Mr. Rogers has recently been invited to join the Institute for Veterans and Military Families staff located at Syracuse University. There Jeff will Introduce Entrepreneurship to Veterans separating from military service throughout the world. This effort is a true passion for Jeff and has real purpose in his life.

Helping develop true individual and professional skill sets, lending his support to business leaders, and achieving results for those he works with is what Jeff Rogers does an a daily basis.


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