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What we offer

Seminars and Group Training Programs On premise or off site working with:

  • Associations
  • Trade Groups
  • Companies
  • Institutions
  • Industry


Coaching and Training Programs including Personal Effectiveness

  • Emotional Intelligence and Positive Personal Effectiveness
  • Personal Mission, Vision, Values Statements
  • Personal Goal Setting
  • Time Management
  • Personal Development and Accountability
  • DISC Behavioral Analysis Individual
  • Life, Health, Relationship, or Financial Coaching


Business Effectiveness

  • Executive Team Coaching
  • Individual Group Coaching Programs
  • Sales Training
  • Emerging Leadership Development
  • DISC Behavioral Analysis Group



  • Marketing Message and Branding
  • Marketing Plans
  • Marketing Consulting
  • Fractional Marketing Mgr.


Sales and Business Development

  • Sales Consulting ( Creating a Selling System)
  • Sales Training
  • Sales Program Development
  • Fractional Sales Mgr.


Customer Service Strategies

  • Secret Shopper Services
  • Create and Manage Customer Survey Initiative
  • Customer Service Consulting


Human Resources

  • DISC Assessments for team and all new hires
  • Creation of Organizational Charts and Job Descriptions
  • Employee Performance Review Consulting
  • Creation of Training and Cross Training Programs
  • Create and Manage Employee Survey Initiative


Exit and Succession Planning

  • Business Valuations
  • Family Business Coaching/Consulting
  • Quarterback Team of Professionals (legal, accounting, insurance, financial advisors, etc.)during the Transition
  • Culture Integration (post-merger)


Systems and Systemization

  • Creation of Company Systems Manual
  • Systems Audit ( including interviews with employees and vendors)
  • Systems Training


Strategic Planning

  • Facilitate Creation of Vision/Mission/Values Document (and how to use it as a tool)
  • Executive Team Coaching and meeting fundamentals
  • SWOTT Analysis and Action Plans
  • Gap Management
  • KPI Development
  • Goals and Goal Setting Matrix



  • Executive Coaching for Emerging Leaders
  • Emerging Leaders Group Coaching
  • Leadership Training Courses

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