Jeff Rogers

Executive Business Coaching

Recipient of the 2019 Professional Business Coach of the Year from the PBCA USA.

About Jeff Rogers

Certified Professional Master Business Coach

Jeff Rogers is an accomplished Executive Business Coach, Entrepreneur and Professional Trainer that builds & empowers successful and emerging business leaders. He holds his certification by the Professional Business Coaching Alliance. Rogers focuses on providing custom coaching for entrepreneurs, business leaders, C-suite executives, and management teams. Together, Jeff and his clients develop clarity of purpose to maximize results using proven strategies to enhance business structures and personal accountability.

Current Service Offerings Include:

  • Strategic Sales/Marketing Plan
  • Emerging Leadership/Executive Program Development
  • Business Systems Development
  • Personal Effectiveness Strategies & Ongoing Coaching
  • Exit & Succession Planning Preparation
  • DISC Behavioral Analysis

Jeff’s extensive leadership experiences provide clients with a warm, trusting, and safe environment to become laser-focused on optimal results. His system is designed to develop and strengthen core leadership competencies in areas such as; Sales & Sales Training Program Management, Executive Branding, Marketing & Advertising, Leadership Team Development, Systems & Procedural Manuals, Business Finance Management, HR & Staff Development, and Customer Service.

In addition, Rogers works with our nation’s brave, motivated veterans through the Institute for Veteran’s & Military Families located at Syracuse University. In this partnership, Jeff travels the world to Introduce entrepreneurship to Veterans separating from military service looking to begin their own businesses. These efforts are a true passion of Jeff’s and provide his life with personal fulfillment and purpose.

Rogers also leads an initiative to develop family businesses in regional communities as the Executive Director of the NYS Family Business Center at the Madden School of Business at LeMoyne College in Syracuse, NY. Jeff is responsible for creating and facilitating thoughtful programming which engages family businesses to overcome various market challenges using modern, strategic business solutions and resources to produce transformational results.

In addition, Jeff gives back his business knowledge to the next generation of business leaders as an Adjunct Professor of Practice at Syracuse University’s Whitman School of Management, Entrepreneurship & Emerging Enterprise. In this capacity, Jeff instructs the Intro to Entrepreneurship course, a core component of a nationally ranked entrepreneurship program. His teachings help inspire students to develop personal awareness and establish an ethical foundation for Entrepreneurship, business, and life.

In his personal life, Jeff is the proud father of four adult children in a blended family and married to Patricia Rogers. Together, they reside in Syracuse, NY. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Marketing from Lemoyne College. During his sophomore year in college, he founded a green services company and developed it into an industry leader in the green space. The company employed 50+ team members and created a positive impact on the health and financial prosperity of the community.

Business coaching is an investment that

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Mission, Vision, Values

We intend to improve the way in which business owners and managers address daily tasks.

Why Coaching?

Business coaches help business owners (or business leaders) in business effectiveness and personal effectiveness.

Is Coaching Right for Me?

When your vision is your mission, the little things mean a lot. Coaching is the rocket fuel.