ELITE Supervisor Manager Development SERIES


Why This Series?

Do you ever try to implement important directives, and nothing changes? Do you ever talk with front line employees and sometimes you feel YOUR message is not being communicated well throughout the ranks? Maybe the opportunity for constructive change is in the middle of your organization, the managerial space.

Right now, organizations need to invest in supervisors and managers for success more than ever. These are the individuals in your organization holding your front lines accountable for vision, mission, desired outcomes, and profitability! These are the people communicating organizational directives.  Managers must overcome objections and ensure C-Suite directives are effectively implemented throughout the entire organization.

To develop highly productive individuals and teams, to achieve only the best results is required in uncertain times. Frankly, we must do more with less. Show your teams you are serious about their professional development. To invest in the supervisory and managerial levels right now is not only a great idea, but a true necessity.

Today, it is not a luxury to implement outside support and training, but a required avenue for raising the bar in any organization. If you are not engaged in proven, quality, outside development, and training at the supervisory and managerial levels, you may not be improving your team and organization for future challenges. This series was developed for you and your organization for this moment!

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Starting October 4, 2022 – ESMDS 1.0 – LIVE Classroom


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Starting October 25, 2022 – ESMDS 1.0 – VIRTUAL Classroom


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Class Details

Days: Meets Once per Month in the Training Room (Live) or Online (Virtual)
Duration: 8 Months, 8 Meetings. See exact dates.
Time: 2.0 hrs. per meeting. Orientation Meeting 2hrs. online before series start.
Materials: DiSC Report Included in 1.0 Series, Binder and Detailed Materials, Power Point per session, access to Coach during series, Case Studies, Book Summaries.
Notes: Designed as a Cohort Group Series. This series is offered in person and on-line for convenience. Limited to 12 Participants for the LIVE classroom format and 25 Participants for the VIRTUAL format, intended to maximize individualized value. All participants begin at 1.0 as programming is cumulative by design.



LIVE Class Schedule

VIRTUAL Class Schedule

Orientation: September 29, 2022 (via Zoom)
8:00pm – Plan on 45 Minutes
Orientation: October 20, 2022 (via Zoom)
7:00pm – Plan on 45 Minutes
Unit 1: October 4, 2022
Organization, Implementation Tactics, and Results
Unit 1: October 25, 2022
Organization, Implementation Tactics, and Results
Unit 2: November 1, 2022
Self-Awareness Who am I really?
Unit 2: November 22, 2022
Self-Awareness Who am I really?
Unit 3: December 6, 2022
Building Positive Relationships
Unit 3: December 27, 2022
Building Positive Relationships
Unit 4: January 3, 2023
Daily Communication Skills that Matter Most
Unit 4: January 24, 2023
Daily Communication Skills that Matter Most
Unit 5: February 7, 2023
Delegation Principles for Optimal Results
Unit 5: February 28, 2023
Delegation Principles for Optimal Results
Unit 6: March 7, 2023
My Behavioral Analysis DiSC Report
Unit 6: March 28, 2023
My Behavioral Analysis DiSC Report
Unit 7: April 4, 2023
The Art of Change Management
Unit 7: April 25, 2023
The Art of Change Management
Unit 8: May 2, 2023
Crush it: 5 New Expectations and Deliverables I Need to Know
Unit 8: May 23, 2023
Crush it: 5 New Expectations and Deliverables I Need to Know
6-9 Pm Graduation Party
6-9 Pm Graduation Party
Post-Series Debrief Date
By Appointment
Post-Series Debrief Date
By Appointment



Course Highlights

This series is designed to develop multiple skillsets and directly improve performance at the supervisor and manager levels. Three fundamental principles are presented in the series. Individual skillset knowledge, team performance development and improved execution with attention to results are of primary focus. The format is quickly paced with dynamic content, feedback and accountability. 

Who Should Participate

The Supervisor or Manager level team member looking to improve personal skillsets, build/support better teams, and willing to do the work. Those ready to up the game and deliver substantially improved results should participate. This series is designed to support the freshman, as well as the seasoned supervisor or manager. Content topics and materials support fundamental and more advanced principles blended appropriately. This series will meet you where you are, and move you to where you want to go.

Feedback Loop

Each participant will report to their superior at the completion of the series with their coach. This will be a scheduled 30-minute discussion. Each participant will detail what they have learned and how they will implement this information for improved results moving forward. This is the accountability loop in action.

Learning ObjectiveS

Each unit in this series is designed with clearly defined learning objectives for all participants. All units end with time set aside for participants to articulate unique personal action steps. Implementation expectations and deliverables they have uniquely identified as they move forward will be communicated with their peers in the group. More accountability.

You Will Learn To:

  • Recognize personal roadblocks you might not be aware of currently. More importantly, you will learn techniques and take action to remediate your blind spots.
  • Enhance your position of authority without coming across as demonstrative or overly bossy. Lead without enforcing your position of authority.
  • Recognize and understand the four major behavioral modalities in yourself and others on your team. Learn how to best work with these behaviors for maximized results.
  • Improve your communication skills. Build better relationships and build dynamic result-producing teams while having fun together! Less stress and more balance.
  • Develop strong personal organizational skills that transfer into strong team organizational skillsets. Learn to crush it!
  • And so much more…….

Series Breakdown By Course

Navigate through the tabs below to learn about the courses included in each course series. Each section represents one of the eight sessions included in each series. Course materials and discussion will be centered around each week’s topic – listed here by course.

1.1 – Leadership: Organization, Implementation Tactics and Results

1.2 – Self-Awareness, Who am I really?

1.3 – Building Positive Relationships

1.4 – Daily Communication Skills that Matter Most

1.5 – Delegation Principles for Optimal Results

1.6 – My Behavioral Analysis DiSC Report

1.7 – The Art of Change Management

1.8 – Crush It: 5 New Expectations and Deliverables I need to Know

2.1 – Overcoming Negativity and Poor Attitudes

2.2 – More Fundamental Communication Skills I didn’t Think About

2.3 – The Art of Appreciation: Feedback Techniques for Optimal Performance

2.4 – Self-Discipline and Decision Making with Focus

2.5 – Keeping Meetings on Track and on Point with Purpose

2.6 – Organization: Techniques valuable to My Role

2.7 – Goals and Goal Setting for Optimal Team Performance

2.8 – Crush It: 5 Personal Effectiveness Deliverables for My Success

3.1 – Emotional Intelligence and Anger Management Skills I need to Know

3.2 – Conflict Management Skills

3.3 – 5 Leadership Fundamentals that Matter

3.4 – SWOTT: There is More to It than meets the Eye. A workshop

3.5 – Developing My Personal and Organizational Skillset Everyday

3.6 – Goals and Goal Setting for Performance

3.7 – The Art of the Pivot

3.8 – Crush It: 5 Dysfunctions to be Aware of Everyday

4.1 – The Art of Change Management

4.2 – Developing Results through Others without Sacrificing Quality Results

4.3 – Essentials for Good Team Building

4.4 – What 3 Things? A Workshop

4.5 – Communication Skills that Count Daily

4.6 – Time Management and Organizational Management

4.7 – Setting Good Expectations and Deliverables with Clarity

4.8 – Crush It: 5 Landmines and Other Mindset Obstacles to Avoid

The Fine Details

You can find all the fine details and frequently-asked-questions about this series below. Click on each item to read about the associated details.

Course Considerations
  • Seats fill quickly so register today for your seating requirements.
  • Full payment is necessary prior to start of the series.
  • Online options are facilitated via Zoom and utilize all available security options.
Refund Policy

Once the event is booked it is understood all parties have committed to the program. Should uncontrolled circumstances dictate cancellation or adjustment of the event, JRCI will evaluate and make responsible adjustments. Cancellations made 90 days or more in advance of the event date will receive a 100% refund. Cancellations made within 60 days will incur a 30% fee. Cancellations made within 30 days of the event will incur a 50% fee. A major disaster or significant illness is considered a legitimate reason for cancellation and will require additional review.

Use of Coaching Tools
  • The tools and materials that will be provided to you are confidential and proprietary for your use only. Accordingly, you agree to hold the tools and materials in confidence and in trust. Tools are not to be duplicated or loaned to others for any reason.
  • You will be notified by email as to any schedule adjustments or changes.
  • Please, no audio or video recording. Screen shots are permitted.
  • You will receive a frameable Graduation Certificate with your printed name upon successful completion of each series. Your full engagement is required for certification.
The Jeff Rogers Coach Promise & Guarantee

We have every confidence that you and your teams will gain real value from your training and development investment. If you believe for any reason that you did not gain any value from your development training in this series, Jeff will allow you to participate in another training of your choice or your money back. Your choice! Please join us today as Jeff has taken the risk out of your decision process!

About Jeffrey A. Rogers

Certified Professional Business Coach

Certified as a Professional Business Coach, Jeff instructs new business coach candidates through the Professional Business Coaches Alliance. Responsibilities include ongoing program development and training for international membership.

As an Adjunct Professor of Practice at Syracuse University Whitman School of Management, Entrepreneurship and Emerging Enterprise, Jeff instructs Introduction to Entrepreneurship. Jeff works with students to develop personal awareness and establish a foundation in entrepreneurship moving forward in life.