Jeff Rogers

One-On-One Coaching

I’ve worked with many clients seeking to gain a better understanding of where they are now and where they want to go, both personally and with their business, and I’ve found that one of two common themes present themselves – there are those who seem to feel stuck for a variety of reasons and those who are already succeding at high levels but want to accelerate their progress and crush it.

The former typically needs assistance with developing a strategy to harness their hard work, energy, and tactics into measurable results, while the latter often finds some requirements in identifying the most effective areas of focus and some developments in business/personal effectiveness. In both cases – most people experience some of each from time to time. This is the human element of coaching I enjoy so much. I myself engage in regular coaching and understand what good coaching looks and feels like – and I use these experiences to bring a level of uniquely exceptional value to you in each coaching program. Each engagement I provide is custom-tailored to you and your specific needs – I call this The Art of the Pivot. Please explore our coaching programs below, and let’s put us to work for you today!

Thinking Partner Executive Coaching

You’re a high-level executive who’s already got the chops and success history. This coaching engagement provides an effective sounding board and brainstorm partner for further developments in the success, planning, methodologies, standard operating procedures and more for your business.

One-On-One Executive Business Coaching

Building a business or looking to take your business growth to the next level? This is the coaching engagement for you. We’ll work together directly to find the gaps, develop the right strategies and tie it all together into an effective growth strategy with focus and accountability.

Emerging Leadership Business Coaching

Tailored towards cultivating emerging leaders, management roles and succession planning as it relates to placement of new business leaders within an organization, this engagement is built to instill the right values, goals and strategies for your company leaders.

Thinking Partner "Coach-the-Coach"

Coaching-the-Coach is for you if you are an existing coach, mentor, or support professional. This engagement will help push you and keep you at the top of your leadership game. It is the ideal program for you if you are ready to push beyond your comfort zone and really level up in your ability to support your clients while keeping fresh and staying on your “A Game”.

One-On-Team Coaching Engagements

All of our outstanding coaching programs are available for group coaching, supplying your critical leadership teams the information, accountability, tools and strategies they need to bring your business to the next level. Available at our Training Center or on-site at your business location. Please contact us for team engagement options, pricing and additional details.