Jeff Rogers

Specialized Training Programs

Know Your Numbers

Numbers do not have to be intimidating. They tell a great story if you know how to read them. Through presentation, questioning, and group discussion, you will optimize your honing of financial skills and devise appropriate action with accountability to read your financial story better. All while developing solid relationships, helping others, and having fun.  This program will add value to those with all levels of financial knowledge.

Force Multiplier (2025)

What’s your Mission? Force Multiplier Series is designed and developed by request. This series supports well-being and self-care while elevating personal effectiveness and life balance. Rated E for everyone means just that: this program welcomes anyone willing to learn, do, and work to become who they would genuinely like to be. Together, we will work to overcome self-limiting beliefs and self-sabotage. Understanding what you truly want, and your mission is the key to it!

One-On-Team Coaching Engagements

All of our outstanding coaching programs are available for group coaching, supplying your critical leadership teams the information, accountability, tools and strategies they need to bring your business to the next level. Available at our Training Center or on-site at your business location. Please contact us for team engagement options, pricing and additional details.