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Force Multiplier +1


Who Should Attend:     Rated E for Everyone – And Their Significant Other! 

What’s your Mission?

The Force Multiplier Series was designed and developed by request. This series supports well-being and self-care while elevating personal effectiveness and work-life balance. Rated E for Everyone means just that: this program welcomes anyone willing to learn, do, and work to become who they would genuinely like to be. Together, we will work to overcome self-limiting beliefs and self-sabotage. Understanding what you truly want, and your mission is the key to it!

Those willing to work to achieve the next level, as they define it, will do their best in this series. Knowledge without action is meaningless. This JRCI member requested Force Multiplier Series is a customized program designed to provide clarity through questioning and debate, optimize goals through thoughtful honing of skills, and devise appropriate action with accountability, all while developing strong relationships and helping others achieve success as they define it. Plan to have fun, build new meaningful relationships, and grow closer to your full potential!

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Here's the Concept:

The monthly deep dive group experience is designed to provoke unlearning, relearning, and learning new concepts, thoughts, and ideas to elevate personally, adding value to your life. A thoughtful combination of group formatted mastermind and a central theme/topic of exploration will drive action and elevation. The cohort will break into small groups for deep conversation sharing and learning.

Thoughtfully curated topics have come from both participants in other programming and JRCI team members. Together, the group will build on a foundation developed by the speaker on the topic. Member participation will be required to maximize the learning and value of the room. Commitment is expected from all participants, demonstrated by best efforts for the group's benefit. More importantly, commitment to self is non-negotiable.

Solid action items and report-backs will drive personal accountability and individual success. We will use the chat function to share our big takeaways and action items with the group for intentional progress. While Vegas rules apply, peer feedback is expected. We do it here with respect and candor.

How it Works:

Upon registration submission, you will gain access to this Force Multiplier Series high-level personal development group. You can jump in at any time as this is a rotational series.
JRCI Team members / Guest speakers will deliver member/JRCI team-driven requested specialized monthly content.

After the general learning session, we will break out into small groups via breakout rooms.
We will share and learn from each other as like-minded, action-oriented team builders.
Action items will be self-assigned here as well.
We will reconvene and close the session on a positive, inspirational note.
You will receive regular contact from JRCI, remaining connected to the Force Multiplier, reinforcing your efforts and commitment. Most importantly, focus on your action items for personal growth.

Personal Effectiveness-

  • Exiting The Comfort Zone
  • What you really want
  • Defining your mission
  • Focus & Discipline
  • Communication
  • Work-Life Balance

Learn – D0 – Review - Adjust

Intellectual Adaptability-

  • Career
  • Financial
  • Adaptability in Thinking and Doing
  • Learning and Thinking Styles
  • Unlearn – Relearn – Learn New
  • Mastering Change

Emotional Adaptability-

  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Friends & Family
  • Significant Other & Romance
  • Empathy

Social Adaptability-

  • Personal Growth
  • Fun, Community & Recreation
  • Relationship Building

Physical Adaptability-

  • Health
  • Nutrition
  • Exercise
  • Understanding Personal Behavior

Spiritual Wellbeing-

  • Connecting to something greater than yourself
  • Nature and Sacred Space
  • Transcendence and Actualization
  • Reflection
  • Prayer and Meditation
  • To be at peace with life

As this is an ongoing monthly indefinite series, plan to explore many of these and other topics in-depth on your journey with the Force Multiplier Series. Although your registration is for a 12-month cycle, plan to re-up as we will always have new topics within the themes to explore and master as we continue the journey together.


When and How Long:

Meets monthly for 12 months in the Evening
Online via Zoom for 2 hrs. per session.
Regular contact from JRCI to remain connected to reinforce your efforts and commitment.


Zoom! Anywhere and everywhere. 


  • Gained Self-Confidence.
  • Additional like-minded support network.
  • Skill set development.
  • Removal of self-limiting beliefs and self-sabotage.
  • Elevates personal EQ, AQ, and IQ.
  • Advanced communications development.
  • Elevation with personal, professional, and organizational relationships.
  • Generates strong self-commitment, resulting in adding more value to others in your life.

Investment: $ 2,995.00 pp for all 12 sessions $1,000.00 discount if engaged in JRCI one-on-one coaching engagement. (Speak to your Coach for a coupon code)
*Spouse/Significant Other/Parter Track: $ 1,500.00 pp for all 12 sessions as 2
nd additional registrant. 




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